Where Are We? - January 2024

Monthly Update


Ezra Payne

1/28/20242 min read


Pre-orders are finally up for Blood Reign! You can pre-order a digital copy for your Kindle from Amazon or a physical copy from the Great British Book Shop. Details are all here:


Paperback / Hardback

Setting these up has been the focus of the month. We're also officially a Goodreads Author and we'll soon have an Amazon Author page set up. (It's happening!)

The launch will be dominating most of the coming month as it has done with this one. I also have a few reviewers that'll be giving their thoughts on the book the week following the launch. You'll be able to follow that on Instagram as it unfolds.

We haven't completely abandoned book two's second draft but I'll be following feedback for Blood Reign closely to see how I can improve. There's always room for improvement.



Patiently awaiting the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth next month, I've been playing The Talos Principle 2, which is basically a (very good) puzzle game with philosophical elements. Recommended for fans of Valve's Portal series.

On recommendation, I'm currently reading A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. Horror isn't a genre I generally magnetise to in any medium but I'll give it a fair chance. A quarter of the way through and it's held my interest enough. Previously I read Demon Dentist by David Walliams which was, though a middle-grade book, very entertaining. You can see my review for that and other books on Goodreads here.


Question of the Month?

Is Blood Reign available in bookstores?

Well, it can be. Eventually. One day.

The novel is being printed by Bookvault (who own the Great British Book Shop) and they enable worldwide distribution to bookstores and retailers, like Amazon. But for brick-and-mortar stores to order it, they need to see demand and hype around the novel.

I like to keep my expectations grounded so I'm not expecting to see it at the front of Waterstones anytime soon. But maybe down the line as the Hateful Tales books continue to release, it'd be a nice surprise to find one on a high street store.

For now, I'm just ecstatic to see it on my own shelf because, all things aside, that goal brought me this far.