The sands quake.

The Hateful Tales begin.

Blood Reign
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"The story was well crafted, the setting was interesting with some great plot twists, the characters were multi-layered and intriguing to follow, the pace was good and the dialogues were skillfully written. The idea behind it was very fresh and original."

"I like this cool world of yours and I’d love to keep following it and the characters. Your understanding of what makes people, people is excellent and it was so much fun to see them fail and succeed along their individual storylines."

"It was refreshing to have a mostly female cast that were entirely diverse and not just cookie cutter personalities."

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Set in a harsh desert wasteland, Blood Reign melds visceral characters and brutal consequences in a world where both gods and monsters roam the mortal world.

The first Hateful Tale tells the complete story of a warrior's impossible task of restore her failing city aided by creatures that once enslaved the humans living within it.

The Hateful Tales begins with Blood Reign. Available now in hardback, paperback and on Kindle!