Blood Reign

Hateful Tales I

A Tale of Undying Grudges

A warrior—trained by an infamous legend—enacts a controversial plan to save her dying city

After decades of forced labour, liberated humans take occupancy in the grand stone city of Bal’kar. But passing years warp the prosperous jewel of the desert into a crumbling prison surrounded by monstrous fiends.

A royal advisor suggests a plan to return the city’s makers—giant lizard-like creatures of formidable strength—to aid in returning the kingdom to its former glory. But this horde of Hexxets were responsible for their previous incarceration and most would rather die slowly than risk another tyrannical reign.

Drastic change requires drastic action, and not all will support it.

Noxillis and her allies attempt to reunite two estranged races while opposed by forces both mortal and divine.

The Blurb


“An enjoyable read with memorable characters and a deeply layered world.”

- Beta Reader

”The story was well crafted, the setting was interesting with some great plot twists, the characters were multi-layered and intriguing to follow, the pace was good and the dialogues were skillfully written. The idea behind it was very fresh and original.”

- Beta Reader

”A sprawling and ambitious high fantasy which explores the ramifications of living in a world where gods still interfere.”

- Beta Reader

”I like this cool world of yours and I’d love to keep following it and the characters. Your understanding of what makes people, people is excellent and it was so much fun to see them fail and succeed along their individual storylines.”

- Beta Reader

”It was refreshing to have a mostly female cast that were entirely diverse and not just cookie cutter personalities.”

- Beta Reader

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